Selected case studies
With a lot of passion and love, I want to show you some of the recent case studies that I worked on hard every day to reach the product goals.
Rentalino is a mobile application where you can share your cars with people around you and easily earn money.
MAN Driver App.
The MAN Driver App intelligently assists you the truck driver in your day-to-day work, supporting you with routine tasks as...
Digital Garage.
Digital Garage connects drivers and automotive services to provide a smarter and more connected experience for all.
Mixcloud is an internet streaming music service that allows the listening and distribution of radio shows, mixes od DJ and po...
DIB Hotel.
Make a secret deal with hotel by setting your own price that you are willing to pay based on your hotel stay preferences. We wi...
Daily UI.
The idea behind this challenge is to experiment outside my day-to-day work, explore new designs and possibilities, and lastly...
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